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: 7 Sep 2011
: IP Lex Global Services
: IndiaLegal Process Outsourcing companies in India KarnatakaKarnatakaLegal Process Outsourcing in BangaloreBangalore
: #256, 46th cross, 8th block Jayanagar, Bangalore
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: Corporate, Commercial & Intellectuall Property Laws

: Introduction:

IP Lex Global Services is a unique firm which has a blended experience in the Management of Corporate, Commercial & Intellectual Property Law services. Our broad range of services in the area of Corporate & Commercial Laws, Contract Management, Intellectual Property Consulting, Brand & Franchise Management and Outsourcing.

Our Team:
Overall experience of the team is more than 2 decades, Our team consists of experienced Corporate, Commercial and IP attorneys, Academicians & Research specialists from various industries include Telecommunication, IT, Software, Electronics, Architecture, Pharmaceutical, Medicine, Biotechnology etc., we have a dedicated team provide IP services to our clients.

Corporate & Commercial Laws

Our Corporate and Commercial law team has vast experience in handling commercial transactions. The firm assists clients in developing strategy with advice based not only on the legal aspects of doing business but also on practical experience of commercial transactions such as:

• Acquisitions and Mergers

• Agency and Distribution

• Banking & Finance

• Company Law

• Contract

• Foreign Collaborations

• Franchise, Retail & Distribution

• Restructuring/Disinvestment

• Trade Law

• Transfer of Technology

Contract Management

Our Contract Management team has vast experience in the management Commercial & Intellectual Property Contracts.
Vetting documents (NDA, MOU, Company Agreement, Memorandum of Articles, Articles of Association, Shareholder Agreement, Composer & DJ Agreement, Software License Agreement, Master Service Agreement, IT Service Agreement, Copyright Infringement Response, Vendor Service Agreement, Website Privacy Policy, Legal, Disclaimer etc.,)
• Drafting
• Contract Review
• Evaluation
• Negotiation
• Execution
• Document Management

Intellectual Property Consulting

• Intellectual Property Registration worldwide (250+ countries):
India, USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Singapore, China, Malaysia, Other Asian Countries, European Union, Russia, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, UAE, Middle East, Africa, Central America, Latin America etc.,
Individual Country filing, Madrid Protocol, European CTM, PCT, Hague System etc.,

• Trademark
• Design
• Copyright
• Patent

Services include:
• Extensive Search, Filing, Opposition etc.,
• IP Valuation & Management
• IP Litigation & Due Diligence

• Intellectual Property Monitoring Services:

Our executive team of Attorneys & Paralegals can provide \"watching services\" for competitors intellectual property rights (intellectual property monitoring) and can check the status of the competitor\`s intellectual property rights worldwide. The team has experience in IP enforcement, use proprietary process to monitor domain names and contents on the Internet. The team can identify & report all the above violations, which will enable IP owners to take appropriate action to protect their IP rights.

• Website / Media / Brand / Trademark
• To restrict unauthorized use of copyrighted material for business gains.
• To restrict unauthorized use of registered and or pending trademarks.
• To minimize the use of protected designs and other IP aspects.

Brand & Franchise Management:

Our goal is to assist companies through the entire process of Branding, Brand Management services include
Our Brand Management services include

• Develop and Execute brand plans, including marketing plans
• Building brand awareness
• Brand Positioning to suitable competitive advantage
• Transforming Organization’s leadership team and employees in to brand champions
• Legally protect the brand
• Understanding customer and evolve with their needs and desires
• Ensuring the brand customer focused
• Develop and Execute brand loyalty programs
• Actively manage the brand’s identity, including enforcement of its guidelines and strategies
• Design and implement plans to create an emotional connection between your brand and its customers.

Our goal is to assist companies through the entire process of Franchising, Franchise Management services include

• Identifying Franchise Opportunity
• Brand Licensing & Management
• Legal Support
• Develop and Execute Franchise Marketing Plans
• Develop and Execute Franchise Operations Plans


It can be divided in to two groups namely, Legal & IP Outsourcing.

Legal Outsourcing: Our executive team of Attorneys & Paralegals has a potential to work on the outsourcing projects from USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore Europe etc.,

• Electronic Data Discovery
• Document Review
• Legal Research
• Contract Management

IP Outsourcing: Our executive team of Attorneys & Paralegals has a potential to work on the IP outsourcing projects from USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Europe etc.,

• Docketing
• Extensive Searches using variety of databases.
• Filing
• Prosecution
• Registration
• Legal Advise

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