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Hobbies For Lawyers Can Help In Better Work Life Balance Hobbies For Lawyers Can Help In Better Work Life Balance

Bronze medal Reporter romin Posted 28 Sep 2019
Hobbies For Lawyers Can Help In Better Work Life Balance

Work-life balance is  something that many lawyers in india struggle with and if you're unsatisfied with your professional life, it's easy to gain work-life balance though your hobbies.How? Besides the cliche hobbies like  spending more time with family, friends, and significant others, there is also an option of picking up a creative hobby.

 Learn a Musical Instrument.

It's never too late to find your creativity. In our olden days, we have to buy an instrument, get private lessons, and really, there's no other way to learn a musical instrument.But, In this 21st century  everything is available in the internet.We can purchase any instrument at very cheap rate through online shopping. You can learn how to play actual songs at your own pace using a computer or a video game console.

Get Fit.

You may not get enough time to spend in gym regularly.But still ,what about starting a small home gym.Today everything is widely available and also we can find  fitness related solutions through mobile apps like Runtastic,MyFitnessPal etc.Which gives you the details about  your running, biking, or other fitness activity, free calorie counter which helped me drop bar review weight. Along with some goal-setting, could be all you need to get in shape.

Beer Brewing.

If fitness sounds like a nightmare to you, drinking might be a better option. And we're not talking about knocking back pitchers of Natty Ice like you did in college days. Its all about sophisticated drinking ,craft beer brewing and wine tasting. Brew beer in your garage for friends and clients.

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Find a Sport.

Some say that golf is where business gets done. Negotiate contracts, hammer out a plea, settle a harassment case, all over 18 holes of golf. Or else you can find your  own sport like shooting, chess etc.Why a sport? Not only is it fun and healthy to get out of your office chair, but sports leagues are a great way to network and get your name out in the community. Teammates, coaches, and even opposing players are going to have legal problems. Your hobby league might become a source of referrals.

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Write Something.

You're probably not the next Christopher Nolan. But there is so much similarities between creative writing and good lawyering. Whether you are convincing a jury with a narrative, selling your services to clients, or drafting the appellate brief that sways the Supreme Court, all of it comes with writing and storytelling.

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