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Email Marketing Tips for Lawyers Email Marketing Tips for Lawyers

Bronze medal Reporter james Posted 8 Jul 2017 Read More News and Blogs
Email Marketing Tips for Lawyers

Email Marketing Campaigns are considered as the vital part of any online marketing strategy. They are important not only to reach clients but also to build a relationship with them. Email campaigns are necessary for lawyers to easily build a long-term relationship with their clients and also to reach the new client.

To build effective email marketing campaigns, you must target audience you want to send email and content to be sent. Nowadays many online software is available which will help lawyers to reach thousands of people at a time just by one click.

If you are not aware or else you have not used it before 

•    Lawyers many find it difficult to manually send an email to each and every client. This difficulty can be simply avoided as there are many organization which helps both lawyers and law firms to easily reach thousands of peoples. They are MailChimp (free for up to 2,000 email addresses and 12,000 emails per month), Constant Contact, Campaigner, iContact, Aweber, Zoho and more. Research and select the best which suits your budget.

•    Once you have finished with selecting the email service provider next step is to target audience whom you wish to reach through email. After this, you have to segment your lists by each offer as well as create separate lists for existing clients and referral sources. Keeping these as the separate list will allow you to better target each audience with your email. You can also send to multiple lists whenever you wish to do so.



•    It is also necessary to have a mechanism to revert back those who have responded to the newsletter (email campaign). All who responds to your newsletter should get an automatic response back from you thanking them for showing interest in you. You can set up extra autoresponders to alert them to new offers, news article or send special holiday greetings, etc.


•    Place your register form on all your website and blog pages in a conspicuous place where it is easy to find. Try not to request for too much information — a name and an email address are standard nowadays.

Your email list service can keep you compliant with current email marketing laws and practices by a mechanism which permits people to unsubscribe and deleting their email addresses from your lists if they choose.

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