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Customer care and brand management are the focus of law firms Customer care and brand management are the focus of law firms

Bronze medal Reporter Jimna Posted 18 Sep 2019
Customer care and brand management are the focus of law firms

In the third annual survey conducted by legal technology innovator Zylpha, customer care, brand reputation and fresh technology appeared as the top priorities for legal practices. Overall, 92% of participants feel that optimizing customer care is now the primary goal, compared to 78% when last year's poll was performed. Research also disclosed that 87 percent of participants felt that practice brand management and perception of clients were also crucial, increasing from 75 percent the year before. New technology also scored high, with 82% agreeing that it was also an significant concern; although this is motivated equally by the desire for excellent understanding of the customer as it is to secure gains in effectiveness. Regulatory problems such as the imminent arrival of GDPR are seen as a significant reason for these modifications, although there is also a growing feeling that customers expect more.

Cloud technology

On the technology side, all those interviewed highlighted the significance of inclusion with internet facilities, with the appetite for cloud systems rising quickly from 10% in 2017 to approximately 30% this year. The main driver among those who expressed interest in cloud technology was the growing popularity of alternatives like iManage and Net Documents. A fresh note trend in the studies was a good demand from 52% of participants for mobile and tablet apps.

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Security remains a top issue with it being cited as a lead concern by 71 percent of participants. In the past two years, the figure was at a comparable rate. Other problems have usually been far behind. Of these, Brexit had slipped back as a problem with 65% of participants believing that within the next 12 months Brexit will not negatively impact their company. Only 20 percent thought their company would be affected for the worse.

Customer care

Commenting on survey statistics, marketing director David Chapman of Zylpha observed:' It's intriguing to look at the trends this study is now in its third year. The study findings showed a change to customer care, improved customer perceptions and technology to support these outcomes from over 200 participants. This is good for customers as many of the modifications will facilitate access and decrease expenses. Other than that, there are steady problems such as safety and cyber hazards, but Brexit's prospective threats are not yet registered. That's not, however, to exclude them from the medium to lengthy term. Seeing how the information has developed in another twelve months will be interesting.

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